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The AI Revolution is at Hand

And You Are Part of the Journey!

Human eras become defined by their technology. Our history is dotted with time periods such as the Mesolithic Era, the Bronze Age, the Industrial Revolution. Historically, we conquer one technology gradually and then take measured steps to the next. That model was thrown out the window with the Technological Age. In our current era of rapid, exponential growth, artificial intelligence is the next evolution not just of technology but perhaps of existence itself. In Breaking Bots: Inventing a New Voice in the AI Revolution, Jason Mars expresses the surprising progress in AI and what the future holds.

Today, some of the most tangible leaps made are with the use of voice technologies. We can literally speak and be understood by machines. Our machines can speak back to a degree but we want the USS Enterprise shipboard computer, Jarvis from Iron Man, or the interface from Her. We want true conversations—and we are getting closer every day.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, an employee, an engineer, or a person who simply thinks AI is insanely cool. We are on this crazy journey together, and anyone can do something big. Get out there and explore. Now is the moment.”

Jason Mars views conversational AI and AI in general as humanity’s next fire, light bulb, or internet. We’re familiar with virtual home assistants like Alexa or Siri, but even those exciting technologies are limited by the market and their own narrow intuition. It’s in bridging this intuitional gap where the groundbreaking work of computer scientist Jason Mars, Clinc, the company he founded, and Mars’ book, Breaking Bots comes in.

In a style that invites everyone to join the AI revolution, Breaking Bots reveals the past, present, and future of the AI revolution through Jason’s unlikely journey to AI stardom. His company, Clinc, has been on the forefront of some of the greatest innovations and it continues working towards fully conversational AI optimized for enterprise. Within Breaking Bots, readers will gain insights into the paradigm-shifting technical and cultural DNA that makes Jason’s work and Clinc’s technology the future of AI, while discovering the unique role they can play in bringing about the AI revolution.

The AI revolution is at hand—and you are part of the journey!

Jason Mars

About Jason

Jason Mars has built some of the world’s most sophisticated scalable systems for AI, computer vision, and natural language processing. He is a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan where he directs Clarity Lab, one of the world’s top AI and computing training labs. In his tenure as CEO of Clinc, he was named Bank Innovation’s #2 “Most Innovative CEO in Banking 2017” and #4 in “Top 11 Technologists in Voice AI 2019.” His work has been recognized by Crain’s Detroit Business’s 2019 40 under 40 for “career accomplishments, impact in their field and contributions to their community.” Prior to the University of Michigan, Jason was a professor at UCSD and worked at Google and Intel. Jason holds a PhD in computer science from UVA.

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“Jason is a true vanguard in the lineage and development of AI,especially for what counts—the human element. As technology commoditizes the true intellectual property for AI is natural language, distinguishing AI from bots and machine learning, and accretive value-add applications of the non-technology technology. Jason’s approach and success in software, building a paradigm-shifting organization, and contribution to the science of AI will continue to be groundbreaking. The application of AI in the field of human resources and its possibilities are nothing short of staggering.”

—Ryan Tweedie, CIO HR and global managing director, Accenture; former managing partner and practice leader, HR Tech, EY; former CEO, Sapien Software